LIVE Trading Room

Trading Room

Join the Live Trading Room & watch me trade the Futures Markets on a Live, Real Account – Not a Demo!

(NOTE: You must read & understand the Risk Disclaimer on the home page. On applying & acceptance into the Trading Room you are hereby accepting all the risk for your own actions without any recourse or liability to BearBullTrading.

Sound heavy? Its meant to. It is your responsibility to understand Futures Trading & the risks involved.)

You will see my charts, DOM’s, entries/exits, trade management & P/L fluctuations in real time – FULL TRANSPARANCY

The Broker statement confirming trade execution posted daily to members – FULL TRANSPARANCY

Spreadsheet detailing continuous results, trading metrics, graphs etc posted to the website – FULL TRANSPARANCY

With the above you will be able to cross reference & confirm the trades you see & hear in real time are accurate & traded through a Live account – FULL TRANSPARANCY

MONTHLY REFUND – If the room does not generate enough net profit trading one contract to cover the monthly fee, you will be refunded that months fee ! YES, CORRECT – I cant justify taking your hard earned money if I cant trade well enough to cover it. Now that is a RISK FREE TRADE ! Which other trading rooms back themselves like that or is your membership fee their real income stream?

Why dont all trade rooms do the above? Why Not? What are they afraid of ?.. I think we know the answers.

Trades will primarily be taken in the Gasoline (RBOB) & Emini Midcap (EMD) although Emini Russell (RTY), Crude Oil (CL). Heating Oil (HO) & Feeder Cattle (GF) may also be traded. I will trade using a small account & each entry method will be for 1 x contract.. Why ?

Answer: The trade metrics work the same whether trading 1, 5, 10+ contracts. The beauty of trading is ease of scalability. Trading 10 lots is the same amount of “work” as trading 1 lot. So you can be a professional large lot trader or small retail trader & trade exactly the same way. I do not scale out, so as long as the trade metrics are good trading 1 lot they work exactly the same for 10 lots. I believe scaling out increases risk as your profitable trades are not maximized.

I am not interested in being the biggest, most popular or cheapest room out there.  Although if you are considering joining remember It is not about being expensive or cheap – it is about VALUE. 

 Trading is how I make a living, not by selling courses, indicators, appearance money on the guru circuit or running a trading room – I don’t know how so many of the “guru traders” have the time to keep updating such fancy websites, compile endless courses or make countless posts & videos to social media etc. So why do I have a trading room?

Answer: I’m happy to have a very small (Max 15 people), select group of serious traders who will benefit watching me trade without causing my own trading or time to be compromised.  If you can trade successfully with good trade metrics, then by increasing size you can make far more than running a trading room generates.  The real benefit to me of running a trading a room is it helps me maintain my discipline & consistency as the same signals can be traded & managed with larger size in exactly the same way as the single contract trades. That helps me financially far more than membership fees. The payback is it will also help the member learn, trade successfully & grow their account. Win-Win

The Trading Room is my place of work & you will see how I trade. If it is different to your way, your charts, your indicators etc then great,  as there is no absolute one way just like there is no best chart setting or best indicator.  We are all looking at the same market. If you find merit in using things  such as Fibonacci, Pivots etc that’s fine. I don’t. The Trading Room will not suit the majority of retail traders due to the markets I trade or how I trade them. That’s fine, I’m not catering for the masses, I’m catering for the few.

Whilst dialogue, chat & commentary will take place as time allows I am not an entertainer. Trading for a living is about making yourself available & putting your capital to work when conditions are right. No edge = No trade. 

On entering a trade I do not know where I will exit (except for a fixed stop). The market is dynamic & changes tick by tick. Following entry I could see a reason to exit at 1 tick or 200 ticks. I am not interested in the usual Guru mantra’s of minimum risk:reward, moving stops to breakeven or leaving a runner. These 3 tenets of “Trading Lore” stem from psychological weakness & should be ignored..Why ?

Answers: The risk is calculated pre trade, the reward is determined by the market & its pointless basing a trade on a made up ratio your’re hoping to get. Therfore the Risk:Reward is calculated on completed trades.

The market doesn’t care where your breakeven point is so I see no financial sense to use that as a reason to exit.

I see no financial sense scaling out to leave a small runner on a winning trade when on the next trade I could take a full loss on all contracts. Gurus usually scale out just to make their win % rate look better !

MEMBERSHIP IS STRICTLY LIMITED (Max 15 people ** UPDATE: This will likely be decreased to 10) – Once Full it will be operated on a rolling out-in basis.

To find out if places are available & if the room is the right fit please register your interest below.